Lost Points For Profanity

posted March 16, 2003 by Jer


Scotty Arsenault tells me I have a potty mouth. Rzzin-frzzen grrfin-drrf. Buggerit.

Jason always says to do everything with impunity, but I've never been sure whether I should refrain from cursing in my newsposts or not. On one hand, I curse like a drunken sailor with Turrets Syndrome in real life, so NOT cursing would be like lying. On the other hand, if I'm gonna be writing reviews that are suitable for all ages, maybe I should tame my language a bit. I suppose kids gotta learn those words from somewhere, though.

I did go back and take a couple of potentially offensive words out of my review of Commander Kitty even before I read Scotty's remarks about them. Dear spirits, just WAIT till G.L. Jeff starts his little webcomic. The fit is seriously going to hit the shan.

Just for the record, "Rzzin-frzzen grrfin-drrf buggerit" is an interjection I actually use. I'm good with gibberish. After all, that's how I came up with a great word like "Splurd."