Scotty Arsenault's Commander Kitty

posted March 15, 2003 by Jer


If you are old enough to drink, then you probably remember when Saturday Morning Cartoon Shows were actually good. If you are the type to agree, then Commander Kitty by Scotty Arsenault is written specifically for you.

Everything about Commander Kitty reminds me of the only day of the week I woke up early. The artwork, the writing, the gags, the characters, the expressions—everything reminds me of eating cereal and watching Looney Toons (In fact, another reviewer pointed out Commander Kitty's striking resemblance to Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century). Really good cartoons had the sort of two-level humor that was funny to kids, but often went right over their heads and hit adults right between the eyes. It is a difficult talent to master, but Scotty seems to pull it off effortlessly. Commander Kitty is the sort of thing that kids can find funny, and adults can find hilarious.

What really impresses me about Scotty Arsenault is his use of actual animals. Scotty remarked once that it bugs him that kids can name more species of Pokemon then they can living, breathing critters. To remedy this, each planet in Scotty's universe is home to a different anthropomorphic version of an earth-dwelling animal. I'm 24 years old, and I still have a blast learning about critters most people don't know about, like Pangolins and Red Pandas. Scotty is also a hard core Flash animator, (like I used to be, before doing it for a living sucked the fun out of it for me) and he has a habit of putting together cool little educational animations to play with. That, plus extras like his cartoon Ferrets all add up to make a just-plain-fun site to visit.

Since I only write positive reviews, it may seem like I like everything. I don't, in fact. I just would rather spend my energy supporting talent then dashing the hopes and dreams of the currently untalented. It takes a lot, however, to count something among my favorites.

Scotty Arsenault's Commander Kitty is one of my favorites. It ranks up there in my book with Mac Hall, Penny Arcade, and 8-bit theater.

Its that good.