WOOOH DOGGY!!! I wrangled me another email.

posted March 14, 2003 by Josh


Greetings all you scabs of the internet, it is the one the only Big Josh here to make the voice of all those children you probably have chained up in the basement heard by responding to your truly lovely and original e-mails. There is just one problem... NO ONE IS SENDING NO GODDAMN E-MAILS!!! Why? Well who the hell knows. Maybe there are too many scared individuals out there that hate people the likes of me giving them Gargoyle Suplex right through a flaming table of truth... or public mockery. Or just maybe both. But I do have one e-mail that someone was so nice enough to send me so here I go.... ALAKA-SMACK the 4th e-mail...

Hi, Do you want me to show you how you can earn $1,000 to $5,000 a month working from home Part Time?


Well hell yeah I do! I don't want to be poor anymore thinking that the only way that I will be known is by being on this site that is read by weirdoes that get stoned that they try to use subliminal messages about ferrets and shit, or even worse than that are jerks that are so drunk they want to sleep with me cause I look like StrongBad or something and all this stuff that I keep saying like making fun of everything and using words like FUCK so many times and also NIG... Oh no! NO NO NO AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Help Jenn is after me and she has a pair of scissors—that she has duly noted as GLAMDRING—and right now they think my punkass is an orc! I best get the FUCK out of here.

So if you want to see more of my monkey ass with the Karate kicking please for the love of god please grow a pair and e-mail me.