W. is not that retarded.... But he is sure is stupid.

posted March 7, 2003 by Josh


As everyone in America probably did, we watched W suck important TV time to say "Hi America It is your fault that I am president." That is all good and dandy and what not but if you could hear his own subliminal message of stupid you know that he wants to go to war with IRAQ (DUHN DUHN DUHNN!!!!). Now like most of you I am too lazy to want to go to war, plus I have people that are enlisted that I do not want to see go, so I am going to do something that W. can pay me back later for...

I am going to solve our trouble with IRAQ (Hitchcock theme)!!!

Here is what W. needs to do: first he needs to go to a major city like NY or DC and find 2 of the wisest punks who know Kung Fu that he can find and employ them (as a plus they must always were sweats, black wife beaters, chucks and 80's beat up people gloves). Second he needs to send them to IRAQ (Hawaii Five-0 theme) to battle through the countless amounts of robots, ninjas, rabid dogs, robot ninjas (which are nearly invincible) and zombies to get to the psycho dictator of the minute SADDAM. When they get to him they do there best to beat them with there ultra dangerous cyclone kick, and then afterwards W. can take them for some cheeseburgers.

Now that my friends would be Bad DUDES!!!