Poe to publish Exploitation Now

posted September 20, 2002 by Jer


Another seasoned Web Comic artist is going to publish. Poe, the artist of the "adult situations" comic "Exploitation Now" has signed with Keenspot to publish the entire run of his webtoon. The book, Exploitation Now: Selling Out For Fun and Profit, will be available this december.

Exploitation Now is a mockery of everything that we have come to associate with Japanese pop culture and comics, and poe is sure not to leave anything out. Most of us who have been to at least one Anime Convention are familiar with the bizzare "adult" material animated by the Japanese, and Poe seems to greatly enjoy mocking that particular genre, all while keeping his comic just below an R rating. It is deffinitly suggestive at times, but Poe has a rare ability to write a really good story, despite his in-comic clames that he is nothing but a hack.

Click Here to secure yourself a copy of Exploitation Now: Selling Out For Fun and Profit, due out in December 2002. Or, Click Here to read Poe's comic online. Again, be aware that this comic contains a fair share of suggestive content.