We Don't Get it Either - Minimalistic Genius

posted March 5, 2003 by Jer


I suspect that Jackie Keiser draws We Don't Get It Either with the intent to amuse herself and her friends. That is exactly why it's hilarious. It's very simple: Jackie draws just what she needs to draw, and writes just enough to get a concept across. It vague and blunt at the same time, and quite often the sheer obscurity is what has me laughing my ass off. I'm a total sucker for minimalistic artwork.

The characters in We Don't Get It Either—Jackie, Amanda, Mat, Doug, and Kathleen—appear to be based on Jackie's real-life crew. Rather then formally developing the characters, Jackie imports the unusual inside jokes that her crew seems to create, such as the fact that Doug is actually a Yeti, and Amanda has a pet cow named "Moo Master C." It's so obscure that I'm left desperate for an explanation. When the explanation turns out to be even more vague then the obscurity, I laugh.

If you need any more reason to check out We Don't Get It Either, I give you this: Kathleen wears an Invader Zim hat, and they throw Cows at Sin.

That is all.