Lazy About Reviews

posted March 4, 2003 by Jer


I've been bloody lazy about writing reviews, my list of stuff I want to talk about is just piling up; there's Blood Song: A Silent Ballad by Eric Drooker. There's Tellos - Reluctant Heroes by Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo; and despite my aversion to Super Heroes, there is Origin: The True Story of Wolverine by a whole bunch of people.

There is Commander Kitty by Scotty Arsenault, which I've wanted to write a review on for ages. Now that SplurdLink has introduced me to so much cool stuff, I've also added We don't get it either by Jackie Keiser to my to-do list. Also on the Web Comics front, I dunno if I could write a review on it, but dwight of hand by Josh Lowman has the funniest Sprite Comics I have ever seen.

Is it bad when a workaholic insomniac considers himself to be lazy?