Kiss me I'm a British Superhero!

posted March 4, 2003 by Chris


Oh yeah, I about had to change my panties when I saw this golden nugget of joy in the comic shop yesterday!

For the uninitiated, Captain Britain is the twin brother of the mutant Psylocke(pre-Seige Perilous body switch), and was the leader of Excalibur, a kickass teamup of Shadowcat, Phoenix II, Nightcrawler, Meggan, and tons of other regularly guest starring mutants from the British Isle.

The TPB is the collected hard-to-find Captain Britain series from the UK, written by badass(TM) Alan Moore. Captain Britain is his answer to the call for a British super-hero. The artwork is by my personal favourite illustrator, Alan Davis. The TPB itself, is on glossy stock which really brings out the unique beauty of Alan's work. With colourful villians, huge meta-story, and good British witty humour make this collection well worth the 19.99.

Go buy it, the power of Christ compels you!