Updates to SplurdLink

posted March 2, 2003 by Jer


I spent some time this weekend tweaking SplurdLink. One thing that has been confusing people has been how Keywords work, so I have totally reworked it. If you are registered with SplurdLink, Log In and check out how it works now. The old Keyword method still works, but I can't imagine many people wanting to still do it the old, weird way.

Keywords are now their own field in the Database. This is going to make for some cool toys in the future. I plan on making some Keyword Flags, so in the future if one of your keywords is "Fantasy" then a little icon of a fairy will light up on your search result, or If you have "Furry" as a keyword, you get a little Cat-Girl icon.

Still a couple bugs with it, but I'm working on 'em. I hope the new Keywords are easier for everyone.

Hmm, I suppose I should finish that Backstage thing now.