Won't you be my neighbor.

posted February 27, 2003 by Jer


Mr. Rogers has gone to the big neighborhood in the sky. This hit me like Charles Schultz. Personally, I think he was a great man. Anyone who can create a television show for pre-schoolers that you can remember fondly as an adult has to be pretty intelligent. What really impressed me about him was something I learned only today: Fred Rogers was a Presbyterian Minister. Until today, I had no idea, and that seriously impresses me. I'm a pagan and a spiritualist, and about the furthest thing from Christian you can get. I have a special flavor of hatred for people who Proselytize their religion. Fred Rogers, however, took the religion out of it, and just told kids to do good things. He taught kids to share, learn, make friends, treat everyone like they are your neighbor, all without making a religion out of it all. I can't find words to say how deeply I respect that.

Farewell, Mr. Rogers, from just one of your neighbors.

Mr. Rogers. (1929-2003)