Well raise my cholesterol!!! The Third E-mail.

posted February 26, 2003 by Jer


So Big Josh is being compared to Strong Bad? Interesting. Ok, a fellow splurd artist is under fire, so I gotta point out a couple subtle differences here. Now I'm a pretty big fan of HomeStarRunner as well, and here's how I see it.

First, StrongBad's creators answer e-mails with the intent to entertain YOU. Josh chooses E-mails to entertain US.

Second: The character StrongBad is a big-mouth about being a ladies man, yet he (quite comedically) is not. Josh Siewert, on the other hand, is currently married to the lovely Dawn Siewert.

Third, here is an artist's representation of the character StrongBad, who is copyright someone. (though on all of the HomeStarRunner site, they never tell you exactly who)

For comparison, here is a photograph of Josh.

You can tell the difference if you look closely. StrongBad looks like a runty little wrestler thing, while Josh has THE JAPANESE CHARACTER FOR "WICKED" TATTOOED ON HIS BACK.

In all due respect, though, HomeStarRunner is pretty god damned hilarious.