Well raise my cholesterol!!! The Third E-mail.

posted February 26, 2003 by Josh


Greetings all you crotch goblins, glad to see I am starting to get a following of something (not sure what to call those who follow me legally though) I guess I can call you guys Da CHUDS, you know like Da Bears except less flattering. So I said to send me your worst and so all of you complied, well at least one person did so ABBRA-KA-GOD DAMN-DABRA!!!! New e-mail.

I think you're just a loud jackass that talks big. Nothing you've probly never been told before, though.

If you want some pointers on how to rip on people's various e mails, go to www.homestarrunner.com and check out StrongBad's e mail section.



Well ok Malk (Now with Vitamin R) I have decided to follow your instructions to the fullest and I took a look at this www.homestarrunner.com and decided to accept some pointers from this Mr. StrongBad. (Too bad this dumb shit does not know that I check this page rather frequently and find myself laughing at shit that makes my appendix hurt, so I find that I got myself a pretty good grasp on how to tear people, but I will take Malk {it does a body good} seriously and do something that would usually get me tagged as NO TALENT HACK!!!) Well I have gotten some mighty good pointers and I can come to only one conclusion for your e-mail.


Let that be a lesson to all you mother fuckers out there that if you think that you can tell me one for are sadly fucking mistaken. Oh and another from one of my favorite movies HACKERS "Mess with the best, die like the rest. You bitches."