E-mail from a friend...

posted February 25, 2003 by Jer


A friend of mine wrote this, just thought I'd share.

I hope this doesn't cause anyone to have a bad day, but I am starting to feel very bad about my personal lack of protest or action about the impending war with Iraq. I have been feeling generally depressed by the state of the 'union'. As we approach yet another tax deadline, (April is not that far away) I feel almost as if I am giving my hard earned money to a moron (or crackhead). I was driving to work again (how much cumulative time in my life do I spend driving to or from my plantation) and listening to WPFW about the results of the last war. Here are some quotes (as much as I can remember).

'There will be no safe place in Baghdad' (hmm, this was supposed to be a war on military targets, but millions will not be safe?)

'We wish to destroy the psychological will of the enemy to fight' (sounds like a terrorist act)

I also heard a report of 400 people being burned alive in an air raid shelter that was bombed because it 'contained' electronic equipment. However when UN and French reporters went to inspect the sight, it contained only dead civilians.

Not that I have had my head totally in the sand, but I feel ashamed and disgusted right now to be a 'citizen' and hate the fact that I have to by law participate in this. A roof at a school that a child I know attends in Anacostia (only about 5 miles from the white house) collapsed. This was not totally due to snow damage, but more due to lack of funds to maintain the property. This is where I want my tax dollars to go not to spend money on fueling up some 8 million $$ F18. I guess I just need to vent, but I also need help because this vent of mine is not going to help me release my frustration I am starting to feel. Modern slavery truly lives on, and I think it is very timely that we have someone about to speak about resistance. I invite everyone on the list to reflect on how we can make an impact on our world and make a difference. I am personally looking for ways to at least be able to sleep thinking I have done something positive before I pass onto the unknown. Act locally think globally has always been one of my 'mantra's' but it seems so inadequate when we have a president that is just running out of control.

Anyway, I know people have things to do, but I felt so sick this morning I had to just pull over and get it together. Right now Im having a real hard time concentrating on my job, so I figured, let me fire out the email I want to send to Bu$h. Actually, maybe I will make up a hotmail account and send him something. Im sure he or someone will get a copy of this anyway, since the FBI and CIA (all these words probably trigger some internet email scanner or something). The one thing I am trying to avoid is a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness. If MLK could fight the US government there has to be something someone like me can do. This threat of war makes me feel closer to the people of Iraq (it may sound ignorant) because I believe (bush may say im being naive) the vast majority of the people of Iraq are not involved in any terrorism and pose no threat to our nation, but here we are being the bully again. How is this going to affect us on a karma level?

Okokok enough talk I just want peace and love (yes im a reggae mon at heart.) Please if you can anyone with any ideas either private mail me or post to the list. How are you coping with this dangerous time in our present lives? Do you feel threatened by this administration's policies? Do you feel any sympathy for the people of Iraq? Do you feel we as (ack!) Americans are being manipulated by Iraq? The US? Thanks for sharing (hope you dont mind this long email but u can take a break today for a few minutes!)

Peace and love

Like I said before, We The People have little to do with what our country does anymore. Right now, I think the only power we have is to keep talking. Write, joke, mock, draw cartoons... if we can not stop what's going to happen, the least we can do is let history know that we knew what was going on, and could do nothing to stop it.