Splurd News

posted February 24, 2003 by Jer


Just a few new things to report. A couple more cool names have signed up with SplurdLink. A few to note are Scott Ramsoomair's V.G. Cats, and the only truly G-rated webcomic I have found yet, Alice Otter by Miguel Estrugo. (note: at time of writing, the Alice Otter site was down. I wish I knew why, but that is the correct address) Also, if you look the left, you will see we have added Jenn's Artwork under the features list. It seems Jenn's portfolio is becoming as popular as either of our toons, so I thought it deserved some props up front.

The next Backstage is 70% complete. It's a very long one. Once I polish that up, my next project is FINALLY updating the newspost icons for Jason and myself, and making some new ones for Josh.

Final Note: STAY TUNED! The next Backstage comic is going to introduce TWO NEW ARTISTS into the inner-circle that is Studio Splurd, and a THIRD COMIC will follow shortly after that!