September 11, 2002

posted September 12, 2002 by Jay


Well, as if it's any surprise, I'm late with my 9-11 speech. However, *cracks knuckles* I will write one now.

One year ago there was a tragedy and, no it wasn't that I ran out of soda or chips. The most horrific act of terrorism in US history took place in New York and Washington. I was genuinely worried when Washington happened because a friend of mine's father occasionally does freelance work at the Pentagon. It turned out that he was/is ok. He was lucky enoough to not be within five miles of that particular disaster. Unfortunately, I do know some people who were affected by these events and my best wishes go out to everyone who suffered that day and in the following days to come.

Now that I have given my positive report, I, probably not a surprise to many of you, have some criticisms on how the country as a whole has conducted ourselves over the last year. This may sound callous to most and downright mean to others, but I am only expressing my opinion on certain matters. If any of this offends you, I apologize only to those who have been personally affected by these events.

I've said my piece, and as I said before I only apologize if I have offended those personally affected by the attacks whether they worked or were visiting these places or you are family and friends of the heroes of that horrific day.

This is probably the longest update you will ever see from me and I hope you go away feeling a little different.

Jason Roberts