Yet another Katsucon post

posted February 21, 2003 by Chris


So Katsucon was cool. The others pretty much covered most of it. My big event for the con was the Duel Jewel concert.

For those of you that don't know, music is my passion, right after art. Duel Jewel is a relatively new band from Japan. Under the category "jrock." They have a particulary fresh sound, and have a lot of promise. This was their second trip to the states- first being for a performance at AKon 2002. They were met with much enthusiasm and have come back for Katsucon and this year's Akon.

The concert was pretty good. The band itself was damn good, with lots of energy and talent. The setup however was not. No offense to the Katsu staff, but they are obviously used to setting up for a seated audience, and not for an actual concert. I've been to enough clubs and underground shows to know a bad setup when I see it. You really couldn't see the band unless you were right in the VERY FRONT.

Which I would have been. But no, despite waiting 2 hours at the front of the line with some of my girls; certain guests and security staff were allowed in first. Fine, but I know for a fact that not all 20 ppl that got let in where fucking guests and security. As a fan of Duel Jewel's music (and not just their pretty boi looks like a lot of the irritating fangirls that were there), I was seriously pissed off b/c of this. It wouldn't have been as big of a deal if the stage had been higher.

Well, that being said. The band is good and people should check them out. And support b/c I want 'em to come back to the states! You can also get their CDs from and I believe has them aswell.

Cool con moments:

1.Duel Jewel not only gave a kick ass concert, but for their encore they played the opening themes to Ruroni Kenshin and DNA2.

2.Duel Jewel Q&A/acoustic session (despite dumb ass fangirl questions and bad setup)

3. Katsu back in Crystal City (screw Baltimore)

4.Yay cool people!!! Sad that I had to leave early.

5. Dealer's room had some good stuff, too bad I'm a starving artist.

6. uh yeah...didn't really do too much was a wierd weekend.