Stuff, Stuff, Katsucon, and more Stuff

posted February 20, 2003 by Jer


Ugh, Big Josh is right. New icons are badly needed for everyone. ('cept Chris and Jenn cuz they drew their own)

First the Splurd News. Josh's Gallery has two new images. Self portraits even. ENJOY THEM! Also, we're starting to get some registrations for SplurdLink, and among the names is the illustrious Sean McGuinness (aka Shin-Goji) of one of my personal favorites, Twisted Kaiju Theater. Please pardon me whilst I yell "WOO!"

Ah yes, there was that Katsucon thing. The main high points were selling portraits (until the thunder-theaf next to me started drawing portraits for free. grr.) meeting Matt Boyd, and trudging through hip-deep drifts of snow. Here's some photographic documentation of some other cool stuff.

That is all for now.