Do they publish Vanity Fair in Spanish?

posted February 13, 2003 by Jenn


Well, after reading Jer's post, I was going to chalk it up to a personal opinion getting on people's nerves and leave it at that. Besides, as Jay pointed out, the Canadians often don't get much better (and often worse) treatment from Americans. Then I thought "I wonder who Dame Edna is?" Then Jay very conveniently answered my question. (Thanks, Jay!) In which case, Vanity Fair printed this person's character. We could go into a luscious Freedom of Speech discussion over Vanity Fair's decision to print it or their decision to not tell Dame Edna to change it but that's not the issue here. After finding out who Dame Edna is, and what this person more or less is like, then I find it hard to take what he (or she) said seriously, especially since this person is appearently a comedian. It always facsinates me how jokes, poking fun and snide remarks are funny until they center on something you care about.

Well there's my two cents. Enjoy!...or don't.