September 11, 2002

posted September 11, 2002 by Josh


Well today is September 11th 2002 one year after the travesty that makes this date stick out like a sore thumb happened and I think that it is a terrible thing that happened to us.

On this day I was woken up by the terrible feeling of loss and I watched the whole thing unveil it self on the tv feeling powerless to do anything and I was highly angry at those who did this to us, but letting the anger consume is bad because all i heard that day was, "Stupid towel heads, I (not me) hope that our force reflects what they did to us ten fold" and I could not see that happening because we are not about destruction of all of civilization, but I think we shoud be more careful now.

Now I will rant a little bit about what other terrible things that have happened since 9-11 1)Our goverment's reaction to this since they were not ready for this was to half ass overparenting of everybody in our country by doing many illegal search and seizures of people who could or could not be terrorist. 2)The airlines doing there damndest to make what happen to 9-11 by over doing security measures to the nth degree by thinking that anything and every little sharp pieces of metal could be an instrument of hijacking. Now i beleive that box cutters are dangerous and maybe some swiss army knives but (true story) on my way back from Otakon I had the swords (fucking plastic swords) from my FF 10 Yojimbo figure taken cause they are over doing it. So I think that if we did not have this thought that we were invincable then none of this shit would have happened.

Oh yeah and that shit that Rev. Jerry Fallwell said about God removing his protective veil was bullshit. Thank you