The thing about war is... um... I know this one...

posted February 12, 2003 by Jer


I have two things to say to Washington DC, and both are totally serious. Number one...


Yes there are evil people out there. Yes things need to be done, but STOP PISSING OFF OUR FRIENDS IN THE PROCESS!

Number Two: Robin Williams is right. Now, I don't do drugs, hell I hardly even drink, but you know what would solve everything? Develop and deploy the Atomic Bong.

Think about it. Why shouldn't we? Cuz it's inhumane? Less so the KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE? Shit, develop the atomic bong, drop it on Iraq and Bin Ladin's Caves, then just paint a Jeep up like the Mystery Machine and drive it on in. Arm troops with Twinkies and Funions, maybe some Porn, and problem f*cking solved! Even the most solid of fundamentalists is going to tear up at the site of munchies when he's high. Its easy, its cheep, and no killing!

No, I'm totally serious. Write to your representitive and insist that they develop and deploy the Atomic Bong.

(Props again to Robin Williams.)