How hard can it BE??

posted February 7, 2003 by Jenn


Okay, it's gotta be said: All you people who leave the snow pack on the roof of your car when you dig your car out then go driving at high speeds all deserve a good swat in the face with a wrecking ball or something comparable in mass.

That snow pack WILL come off at high speeds (highway especially) and DOES pose a serious hazard to the cars behind you. Just today, I saw a snow pack fly off a car, land on the pavement in a solid mass and cause a horrible accident. The highway pavement itself was dry and clean after last night's snowfall (VDOT did a good job). The snow from the schmuck's car roof caused the car behind him to skid headfirst into a jersey wall. (If you don't know what that is, it's a very tall concrete barrier erected on the side of a highway to reduce noise on the other side.) Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the license number: whoever that was with the snow on the car roof should not have gotten away with that.

Why am I fuming about this when it didn't happen to me, you ask? Well something not as horrible but just as dangerous happened to me not even 6 weeks ago. On Christmas Day to be exact. Someone didn't clean the roof of their car after a recent snow and left it to become a solid block of ice. A dinnerplate-sized piece of that ice flew up off this person's car on the highway, made a high arc and struck the right side of my windshield. Like so:

Lovely isn't it? Call it luck, call it grace of God or your prefered deity, call it a damn well-made piece of glass...but I didn't see ANY reason that windshield didn't either shatter on impact or collapse as I made my way home. If I was able to get the license number and car make/model I would have because, so it seems, you can file a police report. They would call it "Negligence". That up there was $225 that I really couldn't spend but had to, all because some asshole was lazy. Pissed me off, if you couldn't tell. The accident today was far worse than what happened to me, but watching it happen and knowing what caused it just made that anger rise up again. Thousands of dollars, a person and uncountable grievances from the ensuing traffic jam all could have been spared by 1 more minute of effort.

Alright. That's out of my system, so on to more Splurd related things. Blah was late today. Yes. But it's up now and you will have all weekend to view and enjoy it. And oh yeah. Katsucon in one week! Woo!