Fridge Cam and Splurd Link

posted February 3, 2003 by Jer


Ok, I lost count... is that three weeks straight that I've had a new Backstage up on Monday? Or is it just two? Either way, I'd like to keep this up.

IF YOU DRAW A WEBCOMIC, PLEASE READ THIS: SplurdLink is getting close to finished. Depending on a few things, I think it should be ready to beta test this weekend. If so, then I NEED WEBCOMIC ARTISTS TO HELP BETA TEST SplurdLink!

If you haven't been reading, here is the deal. SplurdLink is a search engine specifically for web comics. You, the artist, register your comic, complete with a 200x40 .gif banner. Your info gets saved into a database I built, and people searching for your comic can find you based on a keyword search. It's like a closed-circuit google for comics.

All I'm going to need from you guys is to register your comics on SplurdLink so we can work out the final bugs. If you have a webcomic you want to promote, and you're interested, E-mail me at Once I finish coding SplurdLink, I'll contact you on how you can help us test our new toy.

Requirements for Beta Testing: You must have a webcomic, and E-mail address, and be able to make a 200x40 non-animated .gif banner for your comic. If you're interested, let me know by the end of the week!

Thanks to all.