September 11, 2002

posted September 11, 2002 by Jer



9-11. One year ago I was hiking from the middle of Washington DC to Falls Church amidst countless panicked people. I saw every human emotion possible. I saw a young 20 something girl crying, wondering which building might be the next target. I saw a 30 year old man describing the details of that day to his cell phone. I saw a 70 year old man laughing to his 70 year old friend, saying "So they're trying to blow us up, eh?" I saw the United States' military headquarters smoldering from the Arlington Memorial Bridge.

Now, I'm not religious, but I am spiritual. I believe that any of you out there that believe in something are equally right. I also figure that if you hear a divine force telling you to kill people, its not your god. Its that other one you believe in, that guy with the horns.

We need to remember that that goes both ways. 9-11 has proven two things, we are vulnerable and there are people who hate us a lot. Whether those people are right or wrong for hating us, we need to keep sight of who our friends are.

Our enemy is a select few who are filled with hate. If we go off into the world, killing everything between them and us, we're only going to seed more hate to people who already don't like us very much. The more people learn to hate us, the stronger our enemies will become.

If we want to be safe, we need to put down the guns, and accept the support of our friends. We need to get closer to our international community - a community who one year ago offered its unconditional support. Now we are losing that support by going to war that no one else wants. We are losing the only thing that can truly keep us safe.

Its one of the oldest clichés in the book, but we're acting no better then them. Please folks, we can't win this war by playing by their rules. We're better then that. We're smarter, and we're stronger. By whatever god you believe in, lets prove it.