Columbia Space Shuttle

posted February 2, 2003 by Josh


This Fucks Me UP!!! I was not aware of this tragedy till about 4 hours ago and it tears me up inside. I was never that big for space travel ever since I was told I was too tall to be an astronaut but it was always a dream. Ever since then I always joked at really crappy movies about astronauts because lets face it a lot of them did suck, and last night on The Simpsons was the astronaut episode and I laughed like I always do...

But after finding out what had happened, I felt like we have had enough damn tragedy for a generation but something thought I was wrong about that and decided that we needed this. After hearing this I immediately flipped to a news channel and someone thought that this was the work of terrorists.... What the Fuck, like Darth Vader has joined Osama and decide to shoot down the Columbia with his Tie Fighter... Fuck that and fuck that person that said that.

Rick Husband
William McCool
Michael Anderson
Kalpan Chawla
David Brown
Laurel Clark
Ilan Ramon

I am so sorry for what happened to you and I hope that you are happy where you are.