In response to responses.

posted January 31, 2003 by Jay


Well as busy as I have been, I don't get to read and/or update on this site as much as Jeremy, Jenn, and Josh so when I do, it's usually about something that I am interested in. So here goes.

First and foremost, rock on to that guy who e-mailed Jer and felt that his opinion would be listened to and take into consideration. There's not many of those type of people left in today's society.

Secondly, I still think "W" is not the brightest bulb in the box. As my friend Jeff says, he is "quick like tree, sharp like marble." I realize that he has probably the hardest job in the free world(you know with ruling it and all), but in my opinion, his ideas about how to fix our current problems solve short term problems, but don't solve the long term problems.

I myself have said that our "President" is a "retard" but I have also said that about Jeremy, Josh, and just about any person that is on a reality show. I just think that if we were to have a Republican president, there are better people suited for the job. Personally, I was routing for McCain in the primaries. He was the only guy, in my view, in the whole of the electorial process who had his head screwed on straight.

That's all for now, and a very good day to all of you in TV land.