State of the Retarded Administration

posted January 30, 2003 by Jer


I learned something today. Talking about politics makes some people upset. I do, however, respect that other people have other opinions. Thinking is good, even if you don't think like me. The following is some commentary from the opposite side of this debate.

"Dude, I feel sooo sorry for you, Jer, and anyone else that thinks along the lines of Bush being a Retard. You actuialy bought the bullshit that the Left puts out. You actualy think what yous say is rigth, well, you got to calm down and look at the facts. Bush is right about a lot of things."

"He doesn't want to go to war, he's made it clear about that. But he has to because of that inscane in Iraq. And why is that man in Iraq so baddly on Bush's hit list? Well, Hilter and Sadam are both the same. Evil evil men, fact is, if we treated Hilter like we are doing today with Sadam. We'd still be at war with the monster, or worse."

"I belive in Bush for the soul reason, that A) He's not a puppet, B) He's not a Retard, and C) If you could only know what he knows, tell me can you say with out question and without all the facts that what you are saying is right? Well, I'm not going to say you are wrong, because from what I can see, you won't accpet anyone telling you diffent."

"I for one want to see that Iarq bastard fry, why? Well, let's see, he's a madman, he's killed whole familys, when his troups in where in Kwaita, he had any male from the ages of 16 and up rounded up and taken as prisoners of war. I can't over empisize the point of how bad this guy is. People are too scare to say word one about Sadam, in fact if you look at some old footage that 60mins has. You would see Sadam calling off names on a list and those people where taken outside and you could hear the gun shots a few seconds later."

"I'm telling you all, and Josh? If you belive that about bush being a puppet, then you are more of a puppet then you say bush is."

"As I satted before, I feel soo sorry for you guys and your blind faith of hatred towards Bush. I just wish you could only know what everyone with commen sence does."

I have two replies to this. First, I just want to point out I have not, to date, voiced any opinions on the state of Iraq. I have only voiced opinions on how the current administration has chosen to deal with it. Second, I admit I was a bit harsh describing George W. Bush as a retard. I would like to voice an excellence observation on Mr. George W. Bush's speech patterns by Mark Crispin Miller, a professor of media studies at New York University, and author of "The Bush Dyslexicon." To paraphrase, Miller noticed that the stuttering and mistakes of grammar that George W. Bush has become so famous for usually occur when he is talking about heartfelt issues, items that ring close to home. However, when he is making a speech about war or death, he is very clear, concise, and eloquent. I would like to invite members of both sides of the argument to keep this in mind when listening to Mr. George W. Bush's speeches, as I intend to as well.

Thank you all for reading our opinions and forming your own. Please continue to do so without anger and with an open mind.

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