State of the Retarded Administration

posted January 29, 2003 by Josh


Damn man, I say that every time that stupid shit comes on... Mostly because either: (A) I had to listen and do a stupid fucking report on it, or (B) —and this is usually what happens—It interupts what I want to watch.

I, Big Josh, Dirtiest of the dirty mother fuckers, have just beaten Metal Gear Solid 2, and I must say the game was great. To add my 2 cents on to Jer's rant, I think that Bush is the same puppet that the president in Metal Gear portrayed for those... um... guys that had the real power in the game.

So there! Screw you Mr. Martin and your saying that I could not compare any real life political situations with video games. Side note though: I did try comparing the Gulf War with all the problems I was having with Ground Zero Texas, calling all military weapons and devices crappy.