Studio Splurd to hit KatsuCon!

posted January 27, 2003 by Josh


Oh!!! You want those poor mother fuckers at KatsuCon to know what sound Team Splurd gonna make???? Well here is a sample.....AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Good, now that I have their attention, here is some similes of the sounds SPLURD going to represent: It's going to have more impact than giving the Odin's son a Double-Hammerlock DDT onto a motherfuckin steel chair!! Yeah, it's going to be so hot that the table you guys sit at will have to be made from adamantium so that bitch doesn't catch on fire (and you'll still need to watch out, the adamantium still might melt from exposure). It will have the feeling of a celestial being pulling down its pants and cutting one right in front of your face and there will be more screaming than the hamstring I pulled last night humping all your motherfucking moms last night SHIRT TAILS!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, and on a final note, if any of you dickless pieces of shit decide to take a chair from my team I will have to execute the SHAOLIN-TASTY FIST about 3000 miles away, thus executing your whole family tree right then and there. Till then, I can't wait till I get to tend one of those artist table things.... TEE HEE!