Who we would like to reach out to!

posted January 23, 2003 by Josh


For all of those out there that are confused with what is going on, well.... too bad! I don't know either, but I'll tell you one thing. I will tell you who each person at Splurd!!! reaches out to.

Jenn (AKA Wolf)-Would like to reach out to all those who want a clear view with what is wrong with society. Wolf will not beat around the bush (she'd rather sucker punch with clean facts). She is smart ladies and gentlemen, don't fuck with her!
Jer (AKA Ken Ohki)-Is the man that makes Splurd's heart beat. He would like to reach all those out there who are tired of looking at porn on the Internet and lead them to the promised lands of hilarious web comics with meanings (or lack there of).
Chris (AKA Betty Ford)-Hey! Don't know what Anime or Mangas are? For that matter don't know what Japan is? Well she will tell you all you want to know and more, and then drink you under the table and take your wallet! ...but that is a different story.
Jay (AKA the Letter J)-Reaches out to all those lazier than lazy people who have both managed to get out of bed—and by some act of God—managed to turn on the computer and activate the Internet. He reaches and touches them (not like a priest).
Big Josh (AKA FILTHY MOTHERFUCKER)-...and finally me. I reach to every single retarded person who is being helped through school to get a diploma so that they can have the luxurious career of keeping the Burger King in Fair Oaks mall clean. So to all those out there, I give you a nice, swift kick in the ass! SHA-PUCK!!!!!

So that is all of us for now... until we start bringing more into the crew. So until then, thank you, and live to ruin tomorrow.