Why Do They Torment Me?

posted January 22, 2003 by Jer


We interrupt this delightful back-and-forth for an important comic-news update.

A while back, I reported that both Studio Iron-Cat and Keenspot very carefully programmed their sites to torment me by not letting me buy the things I wanted to from them. While I never understood their desire to punish those who wished to give them money, I would like to report that I was finally able to acquire both books.

KeenSpot has finally allowed me to pre-order my Exploitation Now hardcover, due out in March. While Studio Iron-Cat has not gotten their shit together (I can't even begin to imagine the pile that would make), I was finally able to purchase my Megatokyo Book One from Think Geek. Happiness overwhelms me.

We return you now to Big Josh and Jay talking copious mounds of crap. OH WHAT CRAP THEY SHALL TALK!