Suck It UP!!! Losers

posted January 17, 2003 by Josh


Ok this is extremely simple and for all the people on this little planet I want you to listen up. Affirmitive Action was designed by white politicians and white people that are really high up on the food chain as a way for us as white people to say "We as white people are so very very sorry that we have things so much better in this country than all other races and sexes so as a gimme for not being white and a man we will make so that all colored people will get a little boost into the Good Life."

So this is what I have to say on this, until we evolve into a being that is a transparent hermaphrodite that thinks that all is good and that if you beleive in this that is ok. Until this happens we as people in general are fucked because we have done so many stupid fucking things in history.

Also just on the stand of Affirmative Action it is a Catch 22 in the sence that it is good to give under privilaged kids the chance to make and to be successful but it is also coddling those and providing false hopes and dreams.

affirmative action n. A policy or a program that seeks to redress past discrimination through active measures to ensure equal opportunity, as in education and employment. In case you dont know.... TARD!!!