Suck It Up

posted January 16, 2003 by Jer


In somewhat related news, John Lee Malvo is going to be tried as an adult. Ok, he's 17. An adult is 18. Are they using Enron math here? What the hell?

This has been a big issue with my Capoeira crew. A white kid does a wrestling move to his friend, who gets injured and killed. Oh, well he's white, so it must be TV's fault. John Lee Malvo was pseudo-adopted and brainwashed by John Allen Muhammad. Oh, but he's black, so he must be plain out bad.

It's an atrocious double standard. Unfortunately, the truth is he killed people and scared people, so almost no one is going to come to his defense on this. Even fewer people are going to listen to those who do.

Just, try to put your emotions aside for a moment and think about it.