Yeah!!!! I have a GOD and his name is Freddy!!!

posted January 13, 2003 by Josh


Lewis and Clarks of the internet I have great news about my god Freddy Krueger. First he is getting yet another movie, so this means that there will be even more shit for me to remember in my horror movie knowledge. Now for what is making me gitty like a child (and not the ones Pete Thownsend looks at either), I have found out that one of the victims in the next movie is none other than Kelly Rowland of the now infamous and not very much heard from either Destiny's Child. The only thing that I can add to this is by sending an email to Freddy saying' "Faster pussycat KILL! KILL!"

Oh yeah I also remember him saying that he would go after Nelly and making him suffer as much as I do when I hear his shitty music.