Splurd News

posted January 9, 2003 by Jer


It's been a slow week here at Splurd. Not a lot of updates, so not a lot of newsposts.

I read Give Me Liberty by Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons—beautifully twisted. I plan on writing a review for it soon. I was also was totally mystified by Eric Drooker's Blood Song - A Silent Ballad. The book is very left-wing political, but the artwork and style was astounding. There is not a single word in the entire story, the tail is entirely told with pictures. I have almost finished my review, that should be up real soon.

The other big thing in the works is the Splurd links page. Now, I'm a workaholic psychopath, so I always thought that making a links page of comics I like was just too... well... easy. So I thought about it.

Part of the point to splurd is to help people who normally wouldn't be interested in comics find stuff they might like. That is why I write reviews—not so much to tell comic fans whether they will like a comic or not, but more to help people who don't know anything about comics discover the art form. If I were to make a links list, it would be with this in mind.

Thus, my latest toy. Its still a prototype now, but here is my plan. A database driven list of web comics. This is very similar to the programming behind pages like top web comics, only there will be no voting. The comics in the Splurd Database will be listed alphabetically, and will include information on the creators, the genre, the art style, its rating (based on the adorable web pets created by Amber Panyko) and how often it is updated. WolfLady and I have started with a bunch of the comics we read, but I intend there to be a subscription page. Since there are SO many comics on the web, I will set this up so that people can submit a request to be added to the list, and Jenn or I simply needs to approve it and upload their minibanner.

Now the really cool part: because its driven by a database, all you out there will be able to search it. Say you want to see all Sci-Fi comics rated web-14 or below that are updated at least three times a week and drawn in an anime style? The toy I'm making will give you a list. Just like that.

The toy is about half programmed, and once it's finished we're gonna need to test it. If any of you out there would like to help out with testing, (especially those of you who draw web toons!) drop me a line at crew@splurd.com and I'll let you in on the process!