Beautiful Killer Review

posted January 4, 2003 by Chris


If you're into spy themes with action, girls, and conspiracies then I highly recommend checking out the Beautiful Killer series recently published by Black Bull Entertainment.

Hell, if you dig great art and good writing then check this series out!

Beautiful Killer is written by Jimmy Palmiotti, with art by Phil Noto. And is a three issue mini series. You should be able to find the issues. And hopefully they'll print a follow-up story.

Noto's art is absolutely brilliant. And Palmiotti's writing is top notch. The story is well paced and fun to read. Now, I'm incredibly picky and critical of stories with female leads written by men, and I can honestly say that this story floats above that crap found in the "bad-girl" genre. The main character is sexy, w/o being over the top.

The story of Beautiful Killer centers around Bridgit, a young woman who is tracking down those responsible for the death of her parents. That sounds very simplistic, but I really can't say much more w/o spoiling the story. Palmiotti is a huge Bond fan, so that style of story greatly influenced this work.

Possibly the only gripe I have with the series is the use of the "albino" stereotype for the main character. Anything from TV, comics, movies, anime, etc. you will see people with albinism portrayed as creepy, insane, psychotic or possessing magical or esp powers while being physically weak, or being the result of genetic experiments. The latter is the case for Beautiful Killer. Even though she has red hair, she still has the "white" skin colouring (which is not exactly accurate for people with this condition), and she's got the David Bowie eye thing going on. Granted I dig the design, b/c it looks good. But it still reinforces a subtle, unintential media stereotype that I feel people should be aware of.

Needless to say, THAT is being very picky. The series kicks ass, and you should go pick it up and support small press publishing! As well as the careers of two very talented creators.