This is Who We Are

posted December 31, 2002 by Jer


New Backstage! Woot!

Two answers: Yes, is now live, though there isn't a lot there just yet. I have a ton of toys planned for it though, which means a ton MORE work for me to do. Second: Yes, that is what we really look like. This is a permanent change in Backstage, and I think its for the better. The old format made sense for getting started, but I lost a lot of detail when I shrank it down. (IE: No one could see that the huge gun I fired at the fanboy was entitled "The ReducKer"—a play on Unreal Tournament's "The Redeemer")

detail from Backstage #10

I suppose I have to draw all new newspost icons. I really don't want to. It took bloody long enough to get the current ones done. I guess things are just gonna have to be confusing for a while. Oh well.