On Campus by Andrew Joanis - there is hope with this one

posted December 27, 2002 by Jer


A warning: On Campus by Andrew Joanis is not for the mainstream. Joanis wrote On Campus as a freshmen at the University of Wisconsin. Like the hundreds of campus newspaper strips already in the world, the artwork is experimental and sketchy, and the writing consists heavily of inside jokes, and maybe a cliché here and there. However, this little project somehow managed to find its way to "Hole in the Wall books" here in Falls Church, VA. That impressed me, so I grabbed it.

As a work in progress, I kind of liked On Campus. Joanis publishes On Campus in the Daily Cardinal at the University of Wisconsin, and sells the collections under the mini-publisher Big Cheese Press (warning, popup ads). Overall, he's a beginner, but I found it entertaining to watch his artwork improve as the book progressed. His writing was predictable, but when he started experimenting with continuing stories, I really could see his potential. I look forward to seeing what will become of Joanis' work after he keeps it up for the remaining three years of college.

Final word: If you've ever taken in a piece of artwork or media, and dismissed it with the words: "Man, this SUCKS!" then don't buy On Campus. If, however, you are a true connoisseur, and a true supporter of the indie Comics movement, then look for On Campus at your Comic Book store, or check out Joanis' web site Big Cheese Press.