It's that Time.

posted December 24, 2002 by Jer


...while I get to spend Christmas Eve at work! Woo! I love selling my soul, I'll tell ya. Still though, this morning was more interesting then it would have been without work.

The shuttle to the Metro (DC's subway) doesn't run on Christmas eve, so I'm get to walk. Its only a few blocks, but halfway there I realize I'm being stalked. When you live long enough with my brother and his friends, you develop this sense for when someone is up to something. I listen, and hear footsteps about half a block back. I turn my head just enough to see an guy in army camo uniform, walking pretty much as normally as I am. I figure this guy just has to work today, and is on his way to the Metro just like me. No big deal. I am not a big fan of people being behind me though, so I slow my pace to let him pass.

He catches up to me, and starts talking to me. "You have a really good pace," He tells me. Jay and Jenn say the same thing regularly, but they use the words "Jer, you walk too fucking fast!"

For reasons of his own, the camo-clad gentleman was testing me. He poined out that I walk quickly, I noticed he was there very early, and I slowed down so that I could keep an eye on him. Coming from a man who was trained to hunt men, I took it as a compliment.

It was my ability to see him that really caught his attention, though. He began to talk about how he had been active because of the 9-11 attacks, and he said he knew why people across the seas hated us. It wasn't because we have freedom and they don't, he said, it was because the majority of Americans have their head up their ass most of the time.

We talked for a bit longer, and it gave me a little bit of hope. There are people left in America who see what's going on. There are a few left who have the brains to keep their head out of their ass. They may not be the ones running things, but they are there. Right now, I don't know what our role in all this mess is, but we can't give up hope. I'm sure even the most dense of humans will dislodge their cranium from their rectum after they hear us say "I told you so" enough times.

I hope.