It's that Time.

posted December 24, 2002 by Jenn


Ah yes, that Time of Year when people make their best (or worst) effort to be cheerful and jolly, credit card companies rejoice, bank accounts are emptied, peppermint and fruitcakes abound and Procrastination's influence is felt at malls and post offices.

BLAH will be updated by Wednesday morn on time(assuming Jer remembers). I got a bit of a sequence going with this week's set. Go me! I myself will be joining the massive herd of travellers this morning, in hopes of getting to where I want to be before the rest of the city gets off work.

So. To all Splurd members and Splurd readers alike, whatever holiday you celebrate, Christmas, Hanuakkah, Kwanzaa, Agnostica, Yule, Saturnelia or something else, you have yourself a good time, y'hear?