Scott Kurst to publish PVP Online

posted December 20, 2002 by Jer


Scott Kurtz seems to be web comics' golden boy. He is buddies with Frank Cho, his business skills have allowed him to collect a healthy income from advertisements, and his strip characters are made with reusable vector graphics. Personally, I ignore all that because PVP online makes me laugh. Scott made the announcement today that he will be signing with Image graphics to bring us PVP Online in Print. This sort of news makes me happy even for indie comics I don't like.

PVP Online is the story of a crew of college friends who grew up and started a Video Game Review magazine called "PVP Online." ("PVP" is a Video Gaming term, it stands for "Player vs. Player") Cole Richards is the responsible one; he's married, overweight, bald, but a true comic/fantasy/sci-fi geek at heart. Cole runs the magazine. Brent Sienna (pun intended, I'm sure) is Cole's best friend; also a true-blue geek, but the sarcastic and condescending type. Brent is the art director. Then we have Jade Fontaine, an email and RPG addict and the only female writer; Robbie and Jase, standard ex-college-jocks who write about sports games; Francis Ottoman, a teenaged intern and a filthy little power gamer (note: Francis also had a cameo in the early days of Penny Arcade); Marcy Weisnewsky, another intern and the only one who can put Francis in his place in First Person Shooters; and finally Skull, a mythological blue troll who might not actually exist.

Scott Kurtz loves all things geek. Comics, movies, games, sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, he's the second most eclectic geek I know, after our own Chris. In addition, he is very loyal to the indie comic scene. He's been known to give advice to those starting out, both artistic and financial. He takes heat from the indie scene for being successful and reusing vectors for his comic, but I personally don't see a need to complain. He is an excellent writer, his strip is updated religiously, his characters are cool, and he's just funny. Much luck to Scott and PVP Online.

PVP Online can be read online at The guys responsible for bringing PVP Online to print this march are Image Comics. Then, of course, my standard shpeal: 'them links there are for education only. No one paid me to put 'em there.