Slight Correction

posted December 16, 2002 by Jay


I doubt anyone who reads this would care, but I was reading the description of Backstage, (and yes it has taken me this long) and it implies that I am to be making a living doing comics. This is only a fraction of the truth. I am in the business of assisting the production of said comics. I actually plan to do theatre for a living.

Which reminds me, I am once again cast in a George Mason production. It is called The Lady's Not For Burning. It's a romantic comedy set in the 1400's revolving around a rather eccentric man (Thomas Mendip, not me) and an accused witch (Jennet Jourdemayne, also not me). It's a good show, it runs for two weekends in February, and I suggest you see it. More on the whens and wherefors later.