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Why is that cat also bread?
. . . .

~Jer [06/17/2011]


If you do nothing else today, do this.

Please. You have to understand. This is very possibly the most important thing you will read today. You must follow through on this - the life you save could very well be your own. Click here to find out more and for the love of all that is good, let's raise the bar for the largest amount. Thank you and amen.

~Rick [06/17/2011]


Facts and Opinions

The Indies is up. When you've got a complicated opinion in your head, it really helps to split it up between a few characters and let them argue about it. I mostly wanted to present the concept, and so far I've had some great conversations with folks about it, so mission accomplished. Also of note are these strips of Watterson's that Paul mentioned. I guess the "you against the world" feeling is pretty common for artists.

~Jer [06/20/2011]

Lunchbox Mike

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn , star of Jackass and regular on Viva La Bam, has died in what police are calling a fiery car crash. Dunn, 34, was driving his Porsche in Pennsylvania early Monday morning, and it appears something caused him to lose control and crash, killing him and one other passenger. This is very sad news. R.I.P.

~Lunchbox Mike [06/20/2011]


Moving forward!

So the ship's flying again. Digging around in Splurd's engine room has got me thinking of improvements and new projects, and drawing the crew goofing off cleaning up after the crash for last week's comic was a fun break from The Indies storyline. I haven't really decided what I want to do for this week, now that everything is back to normal, so I posted a survey on my FaceBook page to see what my tens of fans think. Related news: I am once again realizing how useful it would be to enable comments. We'll have to see.

Update: ...and everyone skiped over the things I like to draw to write in something I really don't want to draw. As much as I support organized efforts to use write-in ballots to effect positive change in modern democracy, that kinda really depressed me a lot.

~Jer [06/30/2011]


Back to The Indies

Despite popular demand, I've got a page of The Indies for you. Natalie actually knows the secret to handling Dustin's hot crazy wife: get her talking about herself as quickly as possible. Fun fact: "Soul Eater Not" is an actual manga that I don't know anything about. I just picked a title that sounded both psychotic and japantastically non-sequitur from Anime Planet's database.

~Jer [07/04/2011]


Ski Brony

I want you to do something. Right now. Go to Google. Click on image search. Type in "Ski Brony." Push enter. Take a look at the first image, what do you see? ME. That's right. It's Jer and Rainbow Dash enjoying winter wrap up, the last day of ski season at Steven's Pass.

~Jer [07/07/2011]


Elves of Iax

All of Elves of Iax Chapter 1 is now online for you to read. Also, The Indies is up. Fun fact, I actually dug up some reference pictures of Wayward to use for this page that I didn't have earlier. Inconsistency, yay!

~Jer [07/10/2011]



Here's a game for Facebook and Twitter. Pick a friend, and tell them "If I was [main character], you would be [sub character]." Make sure they hit you back, so you both have a turn being the awesome lead. The Splurdagumi and I have been having a lot of fun with this one today.

~Jer [07/11/2011]


Not a Rom Com

I really don't want The Indies to be a romantic comedy, but relationships are an important part of establishing characters, at least in western literature. So, consider this story arc my attempt to get all that irritating romantic garbage out of the way so we can get on with the real story.

~Jer [07/18/2011]



These days, my opinions are rated in one of three tiers. Facebook opinions are pretty softball thoughts, usually related to my friends' posts. Twitter opinions are a little more substantial, usually creative musings or announcements about art plans. My truly official opinions go right here on Splurd. Which brings us to my thought of the day: Twisted Pixel is the ONLY game studio in the history of interactive art that is allowed to get away with Namco's classic "Ms. [blank] Man" sequel title move, ever. FOREVER.

~Jer [07/21/2011]



I'm really upset about this messed up news from Norway. Today I am showing my condolences and solidarity with our grieving Scandinavian cousins the only way I know how, by reading the entire archive of Scandinavia and The World. I cope in strange ways, but SATW makes me feel like there's a world where we're all a big family and our wars are just minor squabbles because we are all too cute to stay mad at each other.

~Jer [07/23/2011]


My dear Watson. A paragraph. Elementary.

Not too much to say about this week's Indies. I did originally write "The game is afoot," but decided to dig up a slightly less chichéd Sherlock Holmes quote.

~Jer [07/25/2011]


On Advancement

I have come to appreciate my HTC Evo, but I really look forward to the day I get its replacement and can stomp it into bitty shards. On that note, one of the frustrating downsides to living in a time of fast paced technological advancement is that we can't have expensive electronics that are built to last 10+ years. Upside to that is gadgets are hardly worth stealing anymore, since by the time you go to sell your pilfered booty, it's obsolete and worthless.

~Jer [07/27/2011]


MOD Pizza

MOD pizza is tasty, but every time I order it I worry punks will come out of nowhere to beat me up.

~Rick [07/28/2011]


Floods in North Dakota

Please know about this. I don't think I can go help this time, I really need to work.

~Jer [07/30/2011]


The Gossip Continues

Here folks, have some Indies. Here's a morning where everything goes wrong. First my scanner starts to flip out on me - which is super discouraging because it's a one year old canon LIDE 200, and it's predecessor - a LIDE 50 - spent nearly 5 years proving itself damn near bulletproof. Then I go and title the comic with an apostrophe, which makes Splurd's new SQL server choke, so I go to make a quick change to our admin page, and accidentally save it over the home page. Anyhow, comic's up. Oh, hi Armand.

~Jer [08/01/2011]


Products of Science

Need to get your USDA recommended level of sic beats and phat rhymes? Want to donate $10 to Child's Play Charities? You can to both by getting Supercommuter's latest album Products of Science. The moderator himself, Wheelie Cyberman continues to flow lyrics over Stenobot's magnificent ability to harmoniously destabilize a gameboy, with appearances from Jen Wood, Rachel Haden and the return of Optimus Rhyme's theoretical quantum bassline output specialist Stumblebee.

~Jer [08/06/2011]


Dictionary is a Verb

My hotmail account got dictionary'ed and a whole load of auto-spam got sent by "me." Apologies to everyone, I have significantly increased my passwordyness. Moving on to news that uses real words, The Indies is up and Penny learns of Armand. Next, be sure to hit the Facebook Like Button that the big red arrow is pointing at to make my Red Cross donation on Thursday as big as possible. Finally, I want to keep Supercommuter's new album with all proceeds going to Child's Play Charities on the homepage a little longer, check it out!

~Jer [08/08/2011]



The world has not been great the past few years, but I'll tell ya... I think it's going to be okay. I've just got a feeling. Good people are going to be rewarded for being good, bad people may not get punished, but they will be forgotten and left to wither. Stay true to those who are true to you, and we'll all get through this. I suddenly, really believe that.

~Jer [08/12/2011]