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Alright you two...

I want you to talk this out in person before you make any more posts, preferably without the venom and daggers. If you ask me on the matter, I don't hold with food that's never had sex, be it cuz of cloning or artificial insemination or whatever. Give me a label to insure me my cow was allowed to copulate. "USDA CERTIFIED BEEF bred with a little of the ol' in and out." Hey, we could even get "In and Out" burger to sponsor the campaign. As for Xrys and Wolf, sort this out before we end up on the Internet drama sites.

~Jer [01/02/2007]


Fight Club - The Return of Hobbes

What if Calvin was Jack and Hobbes was Tyler Durden? This film analysis compairing the similarities between Calvin and Hobbes and Fight Club is amazingly interesting and insightful. Read it. Now.

~Q [01/04/2007]



I'd eat a cloned cow. I mean, it can't be any worse for me than these cloned babies I've been eating all these years.

~Jason [01/07/2007]


It's about time

Don't be fooled, the world is still going to shit. But the stubborn little optimist in me has been counting on news like this for a good long time.

~Jer [01/08/2007]


Hey we're Space, no less!

*F4E* updated! Now I get to fuck around with my intended plot, YAY! This Sunday, Jer and I will be at Vancouver Comicon. If you happen to be in Vancouver BC, stop by!

~Q [01/18/2007]


EDGE - Bringing awareness of endangered animals

This is a good, and fun cause. Play with it.

~Q [01/22/2007]


Dear Mr. Kayes,

We have no interest in no-name artists. Everyone on our artist ally is an established professional working in the corporate comic industry. Suck it you unwashed hippy independent scum. Sincerely, San Diego Comic Con.

~Jer [01/24/2007]


A rerun of F4E?

*F4E* updated and I truly don't know why I found this one funny. Eh. It made me giggle at least. And yes, I sort of re-used a joke.

~Q [01/25/2007]


Look-y Looky at what's back to the realm of the interwebs!

(Layout is just temporary)

~Q [01/29/2007]


And the cast grows...

*F4E* updated. Again, I am going somewhere with this. Jer and I will be at Emerald City Comicon March 31st-April 1st. Come stop by for comics, prints and Ashcans!

~Q [02/01/2007]



*F4E* updated. With new sprites.

~Q [02/08/2007]


Oversight accountability and Occular Improvements!

Secrecy is important and necessary for business within a government or corporation but sometimes that blanket of secrecy is abused. Know something that's being kept secret that should be brought to light? This little project should prove to be

And this just in... keep on playing those action video games! They help your vision!

~Jenn [02/12/2007]

Lunchbox Mike

Grindhouse full length trailer on Yahoo

link And there was much rejoicing

~Lunchbox Mike [02/15/2007]


F4E updated

*F4E* is new! Sorry for being a day late. A migrain floored me yesterday. Not my fault, yay! Anyay...I think this comic is a sign that I've been watching too much House MD.

~Q [02/16/2007]


Israel vs Palestine, both lose

When love is against the law, the law is doomed.

~Jer [02/28/2007]



This message goes out to whoever pick-pocketed my white, scratched up, busted-ass iPod with a broken screen and the Pop company logo on the back and a resale value of "good luck." Congratulations, you're a blithering idiot and a complete dick hole. PS: If anyone sees an iPod of the above description on eBay, please let me know. I love that broken little box.

~Jer [03/04/2007]


Elven Lacryment updated

Holy COW! Check outside to see if the moon's blood red! Hide your superheroes from girlfriends, snipers and watchmakers! Elven Lacryment updated with page 6 of it's second issue! And it has dialog! Dialog is so rare in EL. In other news, Jer and I will be at ECCC shoveling out our crap to the masses on March 31st to April 1st. Come see us there!

~Q [03/08/2007]


Obituaries for March 07

Richard Jeni, a reasonably funny actor, committed suicide by shooting himself in the face. I hate to see a comedian go this way, but I regret to say we are likely to see more suicides of this nature as more funny-but-unsuccessful comedians realize they live in a world where Will Ferrel is rich, famous and loved by many.

~Jer [03/12/2007]

Big  Josh


Man I just cant believe the Platypus Man would eat his own gun. I guess bullets are tastier than I give them credit for.

~Big Josh [03/12/2007]

Lunchbox Mike

More obituaries from the entertainment world

In the past week and a half, the wrestling world has lost three legends. Bad News Brown, The "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd and The "Golden Boy" Arnold Skaaland all passed away. This follows the suicide of wrestler Mike Awesome in February and the death of Bam Bam Bigelow in January.

~Lunchbox Mike [03/14/2007]