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It's that time again!

*F4E* has done a mighty update. Can you tell I'm wearing thin of this path of plot? Ah well, it'll be over soon. Then *F4E* will truely becomes masterbatory Q fun!

~Q [04/06/2006]


Show of a Lifetime

So, there's this site where if you'd like to see a performing artist put on a show, you can voice your demand and hopefully convince the artist to perform. I'm rather fond of this show called Impeachment by the artist George W. Bush. In happier, less political news, a friend from the old days has started making comics again. YAY, WDGIE!

~Jer [04/07/2006]

Big  Josh

Congrats to Bastards

Congratulations are in order for Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, they had a boy and named it Moses. Good for you, you self righteous pieces of shit.

~Big Josh [04/10/2006]



All I got to say today is that I fucking hate it when a DVD or someshit says it's "Uncensored" when what they really mean is "Totally fucking censored." That is all.
Update: This does not include when they censor wang. That can stay censored.
Totally Unrelated Update: Didn't I see This in The Watchmen?

~Jer [04/12/2006]

Mr. Seffinga


A wonderful day has come to pass. Our fun-loving shit-movie watching friends at Night of the Creeps have returned. You will dig!

~Mr. Seffinga [04/13/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* has updated. There was no *PiMH* this week because when I finally could be assed to do it, the last two panels came out as shit and I didn't feel like redoing them. We'll see what happens...

~Q [04/13/2006]


My Mind!

*PiMH* Updated. Note the play on words in the title...

~Q [04/18/2006]


SplurdNet Progress

Just finished up the user-side functions for SplurdNet. This means I just need to make some backend administration tools for us to manage the damn thing, then we can start testing and hopefully launch soon. Wow... a project that might actually succeed. Such a wild concept for Splurd.

~Jer [04/20/2006]


It's that time again!

*F4E* updated. Now screw you all..I'm seeing Silent Hill tomorrow, which is more important then all your sad little lives. Expect a review on Friday.

~Q [04/20/2006]


There are no words...

Clerks II and Sin City II I'm not sure what to think. Update Fantastic Four II Has Hollywood completely run out of ideas?

~Beak [04/23/2006]


My brains updated

*PiMH* updated...The end.

~Q [04/25/2006]


Good Reading

There were a couple of good articles on the net today about the world violence addiction. On the BBC, they discuss the express goals of Osama Bin Ladin vs the goals of the US (read here). In slightly good news over on slate, it turns out the people that created and hyped the war to make money are having a really hard time making money. (read here)

~Jer [04/25/2006]


F4E updated

*F4E* updated. No, this didn't happen to me at the theater. Had it, there would have been blood. SO MUCH blood. I hate people. Especially these kind of people.

~Q [04/27/2006]



Maybe it's racist, but Chris Kohler bring up one and only one good point about the Wii. "Revolution" is a pretty tough word to pronounce if your language has no distinct R and L sounds. Has anyone else ever noticed that the Japanese R-L sound actually comes across as a soft D? "That's Fdied Dice you Pdick!" I'm going to hell.

~Jer [04/30/2006]


Dear American Justice System

I want to see more of this. The death penelty is not a punishment, it is a mercy. I want to see the most horrible crimials ALIVE and ROTTING for a long time before they are allowed to die. Who knows, they might even redeem themselfs. Life is a long time, anything can happen.

~Jer [05/03/2006]


Big Words

Amnesty International reports that "The US government is not only failing to take steps to eradicate torture, it is actually creating a climate in which torture and other ill-treatment can flourish, including by trying to narrow the definition of torture," to which the US says "Allegations about US military or intelligence activities have become so hyperbolic as to be absurd." Lies with multisyllabic vocabulary are still lies, my friend. (read more)

~Jer [05/05/2006]

Big  Josh

Aeon Shmaeon

The movie was meh with some kinda interesting Hollywood ideas thrown around. Also Charlize Theron is not slutty enough and the guy who plays Trevor Goodchild is a certifiable Puss to the Y.

~Big Josh [05/06/2006]



So I went to add some new links to the Splurd Link box down there, and discovered there's a major flaw in my programming that caused all my old links to get erased. So... I'm in a linkish mood. If anyone out there links to Splurd, let me know in the forum and I'll try and link back to you.

~Jer [05/07/2006]


The Wonderful World of 8bit Nintendo

Live action Mario

~Beak [05/09/2006]


What ever became of Q?

I'm gonna assume some people care about what happened to me. I've been sick in ways healthy people should never be sick. So I haven't felt up to working on my comics. Also, my PC died so..I'm a bit SOL anyways. But I AM alive and the comics WILL return...eventually.

~Q [05/18/2006]