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Life is good. It isn't always good, and it sure ain't fair about who it's good to, but today, my life is good. Hopefully, I can take what I've accomplished and what I've learned and use it to share good life with folks. I've never met anyone who doesn't deserve a bit of good life.

~Jer [03/17/2014]



I made it. The Kickstarter for the Indies succeeded, I can order a big print run and face the very last hurdle: distribution.

~Jer [03/17/2014]



If walking around town flipping a yo-yo around becomes the next big hipster fad, I did that. That was my fault. Sorry.

~Jer [03/09/2014]

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February Animosity


Through 35 years of life, I've never been with someone on Valentines day. The few years where I was metaphorically "with" someone, I wasn't literally with them because apparently I'm addicted to long distance relationships. Naturally, I've always had animosity for this day.

For the first year in my life, I am happy today. Not because of romance, which I will most assuredly fail at for the rest of my corporeal existence, but because life is rad and even the worst day of the year can't possibly bring me down.

I have a rewarding career, an amazingly fun social circle, countless opportunities to make people's lives better through humanitarian volunteer work and a book coming out.

For the first time in life, I have a valentine. It's life.

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